Saturday, June 18, 2005

Ask the A's Guys

Fox Sports Net Bay Area has a nifty little feature that will allow you to send your questions to the A's broadcast announcers, and they'll read your question on the air for resident baseball expert Ray Fosse to answer.

Not that they'll read it on-air, but it's an excellent vehicle in which to query why Oakland Athletics pitcher Barry Zito supports the war in Iraq but refuses to fight in it. Is he a coward, Mr. Fosse? Isn't it repulsive, Mr. Fosse, for Barry Zito to throw money at the troops who lost limbs because the president he supports sent them into battle in unarmoured vehicles? Mr. Fosse, don't you believe that a self-professed "patriot" should support the troops by joining them on the front lines? What do you think, Mr. Fosse, about wealthy, comfortable young Republicans who support the war but refuse to enlist, given the current enlistment crisis in the Army? Do you believe, Mr. Fosse, that Barry Zito's good friend Oliver North is not only a convicted felon but a traitor to his uniform by his Iran-Contra activities that subverted the will of the United States Congress and the concept of cilivian control of the military?

There are so, so many worthy questions to Ask the A's Guys.


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