Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Flinging Poo at Latin America

Yesterday, our Chimperor continued his tedious lecturing of other countries about democracy - you know, the very thing he's intent on destroying here at home - by making unintentionally hilarious comments to the Organization of American States:

In a 15-minute speech, Bush lauded political change that has made democracy "now the rule rather than the exception" in the Western hemisphere but he said countries faced a choice between two visions.

"One offers a vision of hope. It is founded on representative government, integration into the world markets, and a faith in the transformative power of freedom in individual lives," he said.

"The other seeks to roll back the democratic progress of the past two decades by playing to fear, pitting neighbor against neighbor and blaming others for their own failures to provide for their people," he added.

Now, as sane people, can we immediately identify the above trends as they apply to our own sick, divided country and chortle with mocking joy that Bush has just perfectly described, in order, Democrats and Republicans?

Playing to fear? Have we not witnessed the Republicans playing to fear since 2001, dancing on the graves of the 9/11 dead at their appalling convention, dark warnings of "mushroom clouds", fake terror alerts and constant needling reminders that the big, bad, swarthy terrorists are going to "hit" us again? How can this dipshit say this crap with a straight face, when fear has been their ticket to looting the treasury and launching wars of aggression?

This is the stuff that makes you just say, "Jesus Fucking Christ" and overdose on vicodin.

Let's look what he cites next in his thundering condemnation of those who seek to roll back democratic progress - "pitting neighbor against neighbor". Don't you love this one? Don't you find that those who practice shit like this are the first to accuse others of the same habits? Our Chimperial Majesty - the uniter, not divider - has spent the last five years pandering to the Christian persecution complex, grabbed gays and lesbians by the neck and shook these Big Scary Boogymen to the electorate and gasped that these sinners actually want to marry, mocked liberals as traitors and anti-American...oh, shit, I don't need to go on. You know this guy's record as the most divisive "president" in our history.

If you aren't slack-jawed yet at this chucklehead's rank hypocrisy, the next monkey poo he flings will leave you as limp as his dick. Ready? Blaming others for their own failures. Once again - Jesus Fucking Christ! This little monkeyshit flung his poo everywhere for the "failures" of 9/11, for the "failures" of intelligence that led us to invade a country that had nothing more lethal than unsweetened black coffee in their arsenal, for the "failures" of an economic policy that turned the largest surplus in history to the largest deficit.

And he says this garbage with a straight face!

One can imagine Karl Rove and Karen Hughes snorting with laughter while he dribbles this shit out of his asshole, knowing he's doing little more than mocking his own unwashed masses and proving their own ignorance.

Needless to say, the OAS was less than impressed. The article states that "... some countries were wary of U.S. proposals to monitor democracy in the region." One word can explain that wariness: Diebold.


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