Friday, June 24, 2005

It's Fuck You Friday

Susan Estrich: Fuck you.

As Dukakis campaign manager, Estrich was beaten, bullied and left for dead by George H.W. Bush in 1988, running one of the most weak-kneed and incompetent campaigns in modern history. Apparently having an El Camino rammed up your ass once isn't enough; Estrich now pretends to be a token "liberal" on Fox news, and to keep from again being beaten, bullied and left for dead she simply agrees with her conservative taskmasters and spouts their talking points. Hey, it's a paycheck.

She recently published an op-ed piece that lauds Fox news and defends Fox against charges of bias leveled at the network. Media Matters does an excellent job debunking her desperate puff piece.

I am tired to the bone of someone like Estrich claiming to be a liberal in order to earn cash, and who then betrays the very liberalism she claims to espouse by embracing the nightmare that is Fox. Liberals, real liberals, utterly reject state propaganda used to lull the masses into accepting wars of aggression, corporate greed and corruption, and the wholesale rolling back of civil rights, human rights, women's rights, gay rights, and every other bit of progress over the last century that the Neanderthals at Fox are determined to crush with the full assistance of greedy whores like Estrich.

Yet she's able to breezily write, between grunts to pass the El Camino, "I'm the blonde on the left, figuratively and literally - the one who's usually smiling because it's TV..."

Sick. I find her so abhorrent I'll say it again: Fuck you, Estrich.


Blogger Flippy said...

I love "Fuck you Friday". It brings joy to my dead little left-wing heart.

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