Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Road to Hell

I had made a promise to myself not to watch the PR stunt masquerading as a "major address" last evening. Seeing the little coward surrounding himself with troops in another feeble attempt at transference - troops brave, Bush brave - was beyond my limited endurance. I knew the mixture of lies and chimp-like grimaces and leers from this troglodyte would affect me like food poisoning: nausea, a swooning headache, elevated blood pressure. Besides, the Orioles were in a close game with the Yankees and the outcome of that game was far less predictable than the one Bush would play (the Orioles won in the 10th inning).

For some odd reason, despite every fiber of my being telling me not to do it, I flipped to CBS between innings and watched the beginning of the end of the miserable Bush presidency. If the public doesn't support the current policy, a stubborn adherence to it isn't going to fly - but that's exactly what Bush did.

I tried to overlook the broad range of monkey-like expressions, but I was as usual appalled by his strange sociopathic leering grins at completely inappropriate moments in the text, which always makes me think that he has no emotional connection whatsoever to the words he's been given to say. This half-grin, half-sneer generally makes an appearance when he speaks of death and mayhem, so perhaps he does indeed have an emotional connection to the text and his reaction is reflective of some kind of snuff kink. Whatever.

The speech, as expected, was little more than a restating of the Rumsfeld-Cheney policies that have led us to this disaster, coupled with a large dose of the standard lies and more 9/11 grave dancing. The repeated 9/11 references - he cited the attacks five times in a thirty minute speech - instantly made clear why Rove told his Hitler-like Big Lie last week about the liberal response to September 11th: in a desperate "last throes" attempt to rally public support, the administration will again confuse and mislead the public, tie 9/11 and Iraq together in one neat package, and anyone foolish enough to criticize their failed adventure in Iraq will be labeled "soft" on the September 11th terrorists. Rove set the table, and Bush served the shit to the American people. The mendacity is breathtaking.

His latest justification in the revolving door of reasons for this war - "freedom", a word that he used 21 times in the speech - pales next to the slaughter of Iraqi civilians, to our leveling of Fallujah, and to the perverse policies that brought us the national humiliation of Abu Gharib. God forbid Bush brings us this form of "freedom". I wondered what the typical Saudi citizen, one living under the brutality of the Saudi dictatorship that Bush supports, thought about his pathetic bleating about freedom and democracy.

Given that there was not a single new policy in this drivel, one wonders why he put the taxpayers again through enormous expense by taking this crap on the road. Presidents who don't suffer from megalomania have, in the past, delivered an address of this nature from the Oval Office. This isn't good enough for our deranged president, who's addicted to spending our tax dollars for his own self-aggrandizing needs. No, he jets off to North Carolina on his 747, disrupts all of Fayetteville, spends a small fortune on the security necessary for this jaunt so he can have a feel-good moment with an audience guaranteed not to heckle him, since they're under orders not to do so. It's all theatrics, all spin, all lies to try to sell a policy that the American public is no longer buying, tied up in simpering tones that to not support his vicious war policies is to give a free pass to the 9/11 terrorists.

I suppose we should be grateful that he didn't play military dress-up last night and we were spared the stomach-churning atrocity of his mama's-boy Army jacket with "George W. Bush Commander in Chief" embroidered in italics over the breast pocket. Then again, it can be an amusing distraction to watch him talk tough while looking so fey in that fucking jacket, and a distraction last night was sorely needed.

It's unsettling to have the country in the hands of a madman. I should have stayed with the Orioles game.


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