Monday, July 11, 2005

He Just Never Shuts UP

I had MSNBC on this morning and was listening to Blair begin his remarks to Parliament regarding the subway bombings when, to my horror, they quickly switched to Bush giving another one of his cliche-ridden speeches at the FBI training center in Virginia.

One wonders if the timing of his speech - it contained nothing new - was planned to pre-empt Blair and put the focus once again on Bush. It's clear that the administration's fear was that the opposition parties in Britain would have a field day with Blair and such open dissent or questioning isn't allowed in our political system. The views of a real opposition - unlike our weak Democratic version - might flip on a light in the collective heads of the American public, causing them to sit up (finally) and say What the fuck? (Update: BBC reports that both the Tories and Lib Dems went easy on Blair today).

Having the public listen to a point of view not preapproved by the neocons is apparently not acceptable, so instead we were forced to listen to a tired rendition of the same ol' whoppers and lines that would be laughable if his fuckups weren't so tragic - "These terrorists refuse to allow freedom to dissent" would be a sidesplitter when you place it alongside our frightened little man's First Amendment Zones. And, lest we be in touch with the reality of what actually took place last week, he again claimed that "we're fighting the terrorists there so we don't have to fight them here," following the GOP credo that if you repeat a lie often enough, even in the face of overwhelmingly contradictory evidence, it will gain acceptance as the truth. Certainly we know that the media won't challenge this claim, but simply repeat it as fact.

Each time his hand-picked audience applauded, his idiot face would beam, his head would bob, and a nasty smirk that purports to express pleasure would flare across his mouth. The visuals alone were repulsive, but not as stomach-churning as his attempts to once again draw political gain from the deaths of civilians. It was a "Rally 'Round Me, Boys" speech to prop up his poll numbers and deflect from the fact that the attacks were the direct result of his failed and disasterous policies in the Middle East.

Democrats are hesitating to use this event as an illustration of just how botched this "War on Terror" has been, fearing that they'll be accused of politicizing the London bombings. This weak-kneed mewling, in light of this morning's Bush pep rally, is completely unacceptable. Democrats need to not only focus on the lack of funding that's causing shortfalls in providing transportation security here, but they need to be attacking the larger picture - that the overall strategy post-9/11 has been a tragic failure. Of course, if Kerry had done this last year, the election would have been won in late summer. What in the fuck is wrong with the Democrats? They have public opinion on their side, people are begging for responsible leadership, yet their silence continues.


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