Friday, July 15, 2005

It's Fuck You Friday

First: Alfonso Soriano, fuck you (nothing personal) for breaking up Rich Harden's perfect game in the 8th inning last night with a lame little dink into short center.

Next, a Friday fuck you to the GOP spinners who are making Karl Rove into some kind of saint for committing an act of treason. The fact that it's Joe Wilson - one of the two victims of the smear, the other of course being his wife - who they are publicly assailing as a "liar" would be laughable if you could overlook the unwholesome fact that this gang, so bristling with contempt for the law and morality, are putting the interests of the Republican party above our national security. We need no reminder, of course, of Campaign 2004, the centerpiece of which was the ability of the Republicans to "keep us safe", an illusion completely shattered by the shameless leaking of a CIA operative who was attempting to track the global movement of WMD's - you know, the same fearsome weapons Bush convinced us we had to invade Iraq to find and destroy.

Hypocrisy and treason, all tied together in one very ugly package.

A final Friday fuck you to the spittle-chinned GOP hack Chris Matthews for turning Wednesday's program over to the reprehensible RNC chief Ken Mehlman, allowing him to spin and lie about the Rove matter without any rebuttal from a less biased source. Certainly Matthews, who portrays himself as a tough journo, even naming his platform for GOP flacking "Hardball", did nothing to challenge the lies and distortions of Mehlman. Here's a bit of the transcript from Wednesday's show, illustrating just how hard-hitting Matthews really is:

MEHLMAN: And the fact that folks are using that information to say someone ought to lose their job or be charged with a crime is remarkable, outrageous and it's a partisan smear.

MATTHEWS: Fair enough.

A little later....

MEHLMAN: Karl Rove and the entire White House is fully cooperating, which is what they should do. And the folks on the other side of the aisle should stop the partisan smears.


Really tough, isn't he? Matthews, you vile GOP-flacking whore, another big fuck you for allowing this Dr. Goebbels-like Big Lie to be broadcast completely without challenge.


Blogger Flippy said...

And a special FUCK YOU to Ann Coulter, the biggest lying piece o' crap around -

2:25 PM  
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