Friday, July 29, 2005

It's Fuck You Friday

Contribute to Paul Hackett's campaign   to take the Ohio 2nd District

A big Friday fuck-you to Republican shrew Jean Schmidt, candidate for Tuesday's special election in the Ohio 2nd for the US House of Representatives.

Schmidt is running against Democrat and Iraq war veteran Paul Hackett, and in true GOP form she and her surrogates have been smearing Hackett's service as a Marine reservist in Iraq, questioning if he was truly in combat there (he was) and dismissing his service as inconsequential to the race. As usual, Republicans love our Republican troops and swift boat the Democratic ones. Patriots, they are.

Despite the fact that this is one of the reddest congressional districts in the country, Hackett has been shooting up in the polls (the latest had him within 5 points) and the GOP is furiously dumping money into this race in a last-minute attempt to regain momentum.

This race will be a true test for the 2006 midterms and a test of Bush's true popularity amongst the Republican rank-and-file, since Hackett is openly running on an anti-Bush platform, publicly calling him a "chickenhawk". The New York Times profile on Hackett includes this nice tidbit:

Mr. Hackett has been bluntly dismissive of Mr. Bush, saying the United States should have focused on capturing Osama bin Laden instead of invading Iraq so quickly. In a public forum, he called Mr. Bush the biggest threat facing the United States, a remark that has infuriated voters, Republicans say.

It certainly would be satisfying in light of the skulduggery that occured in the general election last year in Ohio to pick up this seat. It would also be a major political blow for Bush and end the babbling about a "mandate".

If you can contribute anything, even a few bucks, to Hackett's campaign today it would help counter the flood of GOP money being dumped into advertising. This is the last weekend before the election, so a donation today might well help determine this race. You can click on the graphic above to spread a little Democratic love.


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