Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Spin Begins

Young Master Roberts dances with glee, knowing that his upper-class white Christian male privileges will be protected for his generation. Yay!

The corporate media has been at some pains over the last 15 hours or so to assure us that the pro-corporate candidate for the USSC is a mainline conservative, a run-of-the-mill Republican lacking even the slightest hint of extremism. Russert and Co. solemnly assure us of a speedy, uncomplicated confirmation, thus setting the stage for Democrats to be branded as obstructionists should they take umbrage at the actual record of Mr. Roberts.

This record, to be sure, isn't good. But this fight needs to begin and end at the Roe decision, and despite the fact that the pundits waved this issue off last night as though his influence on Roe will be benign, he needs to be examined carefully on this during the confirmation process. While the press (wrongly) protrayed his views on Roe last night as somehow mysterious, those of his wife are well known and on the record. She's an Executive Vice President of Feminists for Life, a radical anti-abortion organization that offends and degrades the definition of feminism in that special Orwellian way that Republicans have of twisting the very meaning of language.

Despite the fact that the media has assured us that the fight is over, it's just begun - they also told us that Bolton would breeze through confirmation. This isn't over yet - not by a long shot.


Blogger Stewing said...

I liked Man or Monkey's description of Roberts and how he "worked summers in a steel mill while putting himself through college." Wow, doesn't that conjure up a man of the people image? While it's true that Roberts did work summers at a steel mill, what the President didn't mention was that Roberts was part of a program for the sons of the steel mill executives.

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