Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Triangulation is, like, so 1990's

Seems like Hillary laid a major stink bomb during her pandering speech to the warmongers and robber barons at the DLC this week.

Her appeal, nay, demand for 'unity' with the pro-war and pro-corporatist wing of the party backfired in a spectacular fashion, so much so that it evoked comment from the WaPo:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's call for an ideological cease-fire in the Democratic Party drew an angry reaction yesterday from liberal bloggers and others on the left, who accused her of siding with the centrist Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in a long-running dispute over the future of the party.

Long a revered figure by many in the party's liberal wing, Clinton (D-N.Y.) unexpectedly found herself under attack after calling Monday for a cease-fire among the party's quarreling factions and for agreeing to assume the leadership of a DLC-sponsored initiative aimed at developing a more positive policy agenda for the party.

... John D. Podesta, who was White House chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, said he interpreted Clinton's remarks as critical of those on both sides -- centrists as much as liberals -- who would devote more energy to internal party battles than to confronting the right . But he said Clinton may have underestimated the bad feelings within the party. "I think she was trying to push the DLC back a little bit, but she walked into a crossfire maybe she should have realized was out there," he said.

The DLC represents nothing more than a soothing, less troublesome form of Republicanism, one that preserves the domain of the corporate robber barons at the expense of working Americans while doing slightly less gay-bashing (only slightly; recall that Bill Clinton brought us DOMA and Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and that Bill Clinton advised John Kerry to come out against gay marriage in 2004). Abortion rights and separation of church and state are negotiable items to the DLC and their ilk, and they demand that this whole unsavory package be accepted by rank and file Democrats under the guise of a "positive agenda".

I'm tired of Hillary Clinton and her failed 1990's policies. She'll do nothing more than divide Democrats and unite Republicans if she runs in 2008, but the Clintons care little about the Democratic party or the country in their pursuit of political power - it was, after all, Bill Clinton who lost the Senate and the House for the Democrats, a failing that we've felt acutely in the Bush years. Hillary should just stay in New York, pander to the Republicans upstate, and leave the rest of us the hell alone.


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