Thursday, August 25, 2005

Republican "grassroots" activism

Well, well, well....the You Don't Speak for Me, Cindy! (note the exclamation point to give the phrase a snappy, Madison Avenue-type oomph) anti-Sheehan bus tour is actually being run by -gasp!- a Republican public relations firm.

The Move America Forward website - the same site that is organizing and promoting the bus tour - is registered to the following:

Russo Marsh & Rogers
770 L Street, #950
Sacramento, CA 95814

This "grassroots" activism is actually a creation of Russo Marsh & Rogers, a Republican PR firm that is apparently so desperate for business they once ran an "Orin Hatch for President" campaign. Move America Forward not only shares an office with RM&R but also a receptionist. The bus tour is a paid-for GOP public relations campaign that they've had the audacity to present as some kind of grassroots movement. Keith Olberman on Countdown last night confirmed this swindle, which the media has been presenting as a sincere movement on the part of pro-war military families to mouth loving platitudes to Bush and his warlords.

Everything is faked theater with this crowd, from Armstrong Williams to Jessica Lynch to this phony "activism".

The exposure of this bus tour, of course, won't shut down the hypocritical right-wing media nutters who have been screaming that Sheehan is a "tool of the left". Who, exactly, do they consider "the left"? Those godless commies at, of course. This is laughable, as is their entire campaign to portray MoveOn as some kind of wild-eyed Marxist outfit. Every MoveOn event I've attended - including one of those subversive bake sales - has been comprised of middle-class 30-somethings, suburban moms and dads with kids and two cars. Hardly crazed leftists screaming for the nationalization of industry, but the RNC and their mouthpieces have been at great pains to portray them as the "hard left". Why? MoveOn actually is an effective grassroots organization, unlike the above fake bus tour, that can mobilize millions of followers and raise huge amounts of cash - something the right-wing lacks, other than the evangelical "Christian" base exemplified by Pat "Call Me Lee Harvey" Robertson. They feel they must discredit MoveOn and other liberal groups because they have the numbers, the money, and the momentum and that threatens the right's death-grip on our government - who in truth fear and despise we, the people.

The question now, of course, is if the corporate media will allow anyone to even hint that the military families riding on this bus tour are now "tools" and "mouthpieces" of the right. They allowed Sheehan to be portrayed in this fashion, and what's sauce for the goose...


Blogger Richard said...

You answered your own question Simp. They know that moveon is an effective organisation - that's what worries them so much.

12:09 PM  
Blogger -simpchimp said...

I really do giggle when they refer to MoveOn as the "hard left" when they're actually quite mainstream. Then again, the "hard right" has moved the center so far to the right in this country (ref: Hillary, Biden, Bayh) that anyone who even questions the murderous decisions of our warlords is considered loopy.

12:37 PM  

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