Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Building a nation of serfs

Another outrage for working people - the millionaire Bush is about to throw over yet more wage controls in the hurricane zone, so his millionaire friends can drive wages even lower and the millionaires in Congress are just fine with this.

In what may become the next major post-Katrina policy, the White House was working yesterday to suspend wage supports for service workers in the hurricane zone as it did for construction workers on federal contracts last week, administration and congressional officials said.

And as a prelude to the rape that Halliburton is about to visit upon Louisiana, Mississippi and the American taxpayer, the article continues:

At tomorrow's speech, the president is to outline his vision more comprehensively than he has to date. A top aide said he will stress that New Orleans officials will dictate how the city will be rebuilt, but will also make plain the reconstruction should reflect his vision of government -- including reducing regulatory obstacles and emphasizing entrepreneurship over big government, the aide said.

"Entrepreneurship" is, of course, no-bid contracts for his campaign contributers and Cheney's buddies at Halliburton. "Reducing regulatory obstacles" meanings gutting the Clean Air and Water Acts and allowing low-wage workers to toil in a toxic dump without legal recourse should they sicken and die. That's the Bush "vision of government", a serf-and-overlord nation where the rich get richer and the environment gets filthier and the poor work for - let's just say it, shall we? - slave wages until they die.

Who's going to defend us from this corruption, this immoral "vision", this death sentence? The Democrats? The ones who are about to confirm John Roberts, who will gladly hand Bush and his neocons and corporate cronies unlimited power in their quest for greed and war? Wake me up when the Bush administration is over - if, indeed, it ever is. Given who owns the voting machines, we're in for more of the same for our lifetimes.


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