Wednesday, September 07, 2005

From bizarre to insane

As evidence mounts of bumbling ineptitude on the part of our Republican government in handling the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, George Bush has proposed a novel idea sure to catch fire with the many Americans outraged by his handling of the disaster.

Yes, the president is going to investigate himself. Yes, he's going to personally head up the investigation into "what went right (!) and what went wrong" with his government's response to the crisis.

I'm reassured - aren't you? I wonder if he'll criticize himself for attending birthday parties and playing with a guitar and golfing and fundraising while residents of the Gulf coast went without emergency supplies and New Orleans drowned. No doubt the "I can't recall a mistake I've ever made" president will really crack down on the fact that his excessive vacation time seems to be a problem, given his lengthy downtime just before 9/11 and during the height of the greatest natural disaster in our country's history.

In bizarre "who are you going to believe, me or your lyin' eyes?" language, Bush said yesterday, "We've got to solve problems. We're problem solvers. There will be ample time for people to figure out what went right, and what went wrong. What I'm interested (in) is helping save lives."

What a sack of shit. Where was this interest in saving lives last week, when there were actually lives to save? Where was this problem solving prowess when FEMA turned away emergency supplies and rescue crews desperately trying to gain access into the affected areas? Why did our "MBA president" pack one of the most crucial federal agencies with political cronies with no experience in disaster management? Why hasn't he fired his top crony at FEMA, Michael Brown, who waited until after the storm hit to request a paltry 1,000 DHS employees to the region (and gave them two days to arrive - crucial days, as it happened) and listed one of the urgent duties of these workers as "conveying a positive image " about the government's response?

This sad document, asking for DHS employees to play a public relations role for George Bush rather than saving the lives the president suddenly claims to care about, exposes the sheer shallowness of this government. Everything is for show, everything is a stunt and a photo-op, everything is about propping up the puppet in the White House, even if thousands of lives are lost in the process.

We know what happens when the crooks in the White House investigate themselves - they give themselves a clean bill of health. It's time for the American people to demand not only a non-partisan investigation into this fuckup but to start demanding impeachment hearings.


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