Friday, September 02, 2005

Louisiana Burning

It's Friday morning. Friday morning. And as I type this, people are dying in Louisiana, not from a hurricane that made landfall on Monday but from the criminal negligence of our federal government.

The stories are horrific. Patients at Charity Hospital in New Orleans are dying from lack of electricity and proper facilities and the corpses of the dead are being stacked like cordwood in stairwells. Doctors have been begging since Monday for patients to be evacuated from local hospitals - and they're still there, still dying.

Tens of thousands of citizens are abandoned at the Convention Center. Children, the elderly, families left without food or water since Monday. More corpses, more suffering, more despair.

Bodies are floating in canals and through the streets of New Orleans, a shocking health hazard that can't even begin to be addressed because more and more corpses are joining the floaters every hour. People are still on rooftops, with bodies of dead family members who were unable to survive for five days without food or water surrounding them. Police are tying the floating bodies to stop signs for pick up, whenever FEMA gets around to it.

Cops are looting stores and draining gasoline from abandoned vehicles because no food, no gas, no help has been provided to those expected to keep order. At least 30% of the New Orleans police department have abandoned their posts. Do you blame them?

And in the middle of the chaos, the man responsible is going to chopper over the area in an attempt to save his administration, because the American people have finally woken up to the gross incompetence of this puppet of the rich. Of course, his trip over New Orleans will require the airspace to be cleared, so the food, medical supplies, and above all water desperately needed by the thousands of people at the Convention Center will not be airdropped - but then, FEMA has had all week to do that and failed, so what's another day to these monsters? Bush is, at the moment I type this, at a worthless photo-op in Mobile where he's pretending to listen while Haley Barbour explains to him what a really, really baaaaad storm this was. Good god! If he doesn't know that much, we're in a hell of a lot of trouble, kids.

If the people at the Convention Center had been members of Bush's base - the "have mores" - is there any question that the federal government would have turned out a massive rescue response? Would they have allowed their wealthy white elderly supporters in wheelchairs to go without food and water for five days, pissing where they sit, in the blazing sun and killing temperatures?

Of course not.

What's so shocking in this nightmare is just how disposable poor African-Americans are in the scheme of "compassionate conservatism", how little their lives mean in the Bush food chain, how easily their dignity is destroyed, how their bodies are allowed to float through the streets of a dying city, abandoned and ignored in death as they were in life.

Never - and he's put us through a lot in the last four and a half years - have I hated George Bush with the intensity that I've felt this week. He's poured billions of our tax dollars into rebuilding Iraq and cuts funding to rebuild the levees in New Orleans. He sends floods of troops into Iraq to kill but can't send anyone into New Orleans to save lives. He plays guitar and eats cake while his fellow citizens are dying of his neglect, his lack of Christian caring, and his incompetence. He cuts taxes for the wealthy and asks us to pony up from our wallets for this disaster. And above it all, he does nothing but vacation and fundraise while the poorest, the most vulnerable, the most desperate in our society are simply abandoned to their fate to die.

At least our media isn't trying to hide the shocking incompetence of the buffoons in the government running this show. Even the right-wing lackies on cable news are reacting with outrage over the neglect of this government in dealing with this crisis. The scales have finally fallen from their eyes, and for once they're reacting with a spark of outrage and humanity.

I'm numb with fury over the scenes from New Orleans and the Gulf coast this week. This worthless, dangerous President of Death is allowing people to die of dehydration where they stand on the streets of an American city. How do you accept that? How do you even begin to grasp it?


Blogger Richard said...

How do you accept that?

This time - I don't think people will, simp.

BTW, you should visit this blog. It's coming from an on the spot, in the thick of it all blogger. It's the real story. With pictures too.

1:24 PM  
Blogger -simpchimp said...

That's a terrific link - thanks for passing it along. Amazing stuff there.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Stewing said...

You say Bush has "poured billions of our tax dollars into rebuilding Iraq and cuts funding to rebuild the levees in New Orleans."

I beg to differ with you. He has poured billions into Halliburton on the PRETEXT of rebuilding Iraq. Seen any rebuilding lately?

And now Halliburton gets to prebuild the Big Easy.

5:38 PM  
Blogger Stewing said...

Oops, pardon me on the last comment. I meant to say rebuilding, not prebuilding.

Of course, if one considers how developers are champing at the bit to build resorts in New Orleans, and turn it into a new Miami Beach, then perhaps prebuilding is the correct verb.

5:41 PM  

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