Thursday, September 15, 2005

The strings of the puppet exposed

Wow, the little monkey can't even take a leak without asking Condi's permission (and he's unsure of exactly how badly he needs to whiz: he "thinks" he "may" need to use the bathroom).

A real strong and decisive leader, isn't he?

One wonders if Condi scribbled her approval on his hall pass so he could show the Secret Service that he did, indeed, have permission to leave the room.

Place this note next to his arrogance, his sour nasty expressions, his obnoxious arms-akimbo strutting and you can see exactly what is false and what is real. The little tool can playact all he wants, but when a president has to ask a Secretary of State if he can use the can it's obvious that he's not in charge and never has been - and knows it.


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